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Learn Why Improving Negotiating Skills Is Important

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Who? Who needs negotiation skills training and negotiation education?
The answer is simple – all of us need to improve our negotiation skills – not just those individuals involved in contract negotiations. We are negotiating all the time – in our personal and social lives, and especially in our business lives. Every time we communicate with another person, there is the potential to be negotiating. Negotiating is an essential life skill – not just a skill used in commercial applications. People who work in various senior management, sales, purchasing, procurement, legal, contract, and supply chain management positions can all benefit from customized negotiation skills training.

In today's increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, effective negotiating is the key to personal and organizational success. There is no such thing as a "born negotiator"; some people may possess a natural ability for negotiating, but the process, methodology, strategies, and tactics of effective negotiations are taught.

Apply the teachings of Michael E. Sloopka and® to your next negotiation to optimize your business outcome, increase profitability, and improve the confidence of your negotiating team. The mystique of effective negotiation skills will be revealed through Michael E. Sloopka's practical experience, distinctive expertise, and insight as your professional and personal negotiating coach®.® is the expert you need on your side of negotiation skills training. Meet the Expert.
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Why? Why improving negotiation skills is important.
Having proven negotiation skills training provides you with a competitive advantage in sales negotiations, purchasing negotiations, procurement negotiations, legal negotiations, contract negotiations, supply chain negotiations and much more.

Are members of your organization or association intimidated by the negotiation process? Do they have a proven negotiating process, as well as negotiation training, experience, expertise, and the negotiation skills to negotiate a Win-Win outcome?

If members of your organization or association aren't better negotiators than their counterparts, then they are probably making more concessions than they need to, thus leaving hard-earned money or value on the table – money that your organization can use to expand operations ... invest in marketing and sales to capture a larger market share ... increase shareholder dividends and employee benefits ... and potentially strengthen its financial security.

Customers, strategic accounts, and clients may have significant market power – and they may use their "situational power" during their contract negotiations with their suppliers. Customers have invested in honing their employees' negotiation skills, thus making your salespeople work harder (and getting salespeople to make costly concessions and include "extras") for what is often not a mutually beneficial Win-Win outcome. Customers are effectively using the request for quote, request for proposal, request for information, tender, and bidding process to their advantage – making sellers believe it is an "all or nothing" process – so there is no way they can influence the outcome since price is considered the only decision-making criterion.
Some suppliers have developed a "take it or leave it" attitude. With the ongoing consolidation of companies in many industries, purchasing and procurement personnel and contract managers are seemingly left with no choice but to give in to the terms and conditions imposed by some suppliers.

Competitors are becoming much more sophisticated and advanced in their approach to negotiations. They are becoming savvier at negotiating, cutting undisciplined deals that give them bigger gross sales revenue and securing large pieces of business through multiple-year, exclusive supply agreements and contracts.

Understanding the full value of what your organization has to offer and how to best represent that value is critical to profitability and arriving at your desired result. With Michael E. Sloopka's and®'s teaching and coaching expertise, members of your organization will learn to negotiate based on true value – and they will continue to benefit from this lasting knowledge long after the negotiations have concluded.
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Why? How can people improve their negotiating skills?
It's simple – contact® today, and we will provide a results-based solution to improving the members of your organization's or association's negotiating process and negotiation skills through one of our four customized Secrets of Power Negotiating® negotiation training programs that will help alleviate the fear of negotiation and will take the complication and mystery out of the negotiating process. We will help improve organizational and individual performance, business results, and profitability – and create and build negotiation skills competency to improve negotiation outcomes through our customized negotiation skills training programs.Learn More
Why? WHAT program is right for my organization or association?
Secrets of Power Negotiating® training programs are offered in four different formats to meet your organization's or association's needs concerning the time availability, budget, attendee or participant interaction, and negotiation skill mastery required.

The same core components form the "backbone" for all the program formats, and we can customize and tailor the content of the negotiation skills training to address your organization's or association's specific needs and challenges.® can make minor adjustments to the specific program's scope, length, and content in order to address your decision-making criteria – and you'll get to select the date(s) and the location(s) for the negotiation skills training that are most convenient and effective for your organization or association.® offers four negotiating programs: a Two-Day Learning Workshop, a One-Day Seminar, a Half-Day Seminar, and a 90-Minute Executive Presentation.

See the descriptions below to find out which program suits your organization's or association's needs:

2-Day Learning Workshop 1-Day Seminar's® most popular training and educational program. This workshop is for organizations or associations that want to maximize their training investment and ensure that participants are ready to use their new negotiating skills as soon as they leave the program.
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Ideal for members of organizations or associations who want to increase their knowledge of the negotiating process, methodology, basic strategies, and tactics, as well as learn several of the key negotiating gambits and countergambits.
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1/2-Day Seminar 90-Minute Executive Presentation
Ideal for members of organizations or associations who want to increase their broad knowledge of the negotiating process and methodology, as well as learn a few of the basic strategies and tactics.
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Attendees will receive a topline overview of Michael E. Sloopka's Secrets of Power Negotiating® process for achieving negotiating success in almost any situation – with a minimal investment of time.
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